Women in Architecture

This past month, female architects rallied together and attended the Women’s March in NYC, “in an effort to raise awareness on the various roles women lead in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries” (Archpaper). There are global subjects (such as equal pay, sexual harrassment, and work/life balance) that many women must address throughout their entire professional life on top of family, work, and daily living.  Dattner Architects was a leader in the movement to bring together these ladies and create the #WomenBUILD2019 campaign. These women are working to show the world that women are more than capable and to show that somethings need to start changing and fast.

It is so empowering to read and learn about women in this field who are thriving and paving the way for the next generations.

I’ve always felt that there is an under representation of women in architecture and while looking into this movement I stumbled across Madame Architect which has now instantly become my favorite thing. Julia Gamolina, the founder and editor of the site decided to be the change in her own way by creating a platform in which she could share the stories of women who are challenging preconceptions and flourishing in a career that has by and large been dominated by men.

What an inspiration it is to read about real women who have had to struggle against all odds in order to make their way into the positions they hold. I’m still making my way through the site and reading the interviews she has written up and I can’t stop.

I hope that I can be a part of events like the Women’s March in the near future. Less than 14 months until I’m done with my Masters and I’m ready to go!





2019: New Goals

2019 is here and this is going to be a big year!

It’s been such a long, winding road to get here I almost can’t believe that at 29 I am finally getting my Bachelors Degree in Architecture! I took so many detours outside of my career path that for the longest time I had given up on my dream to become an architect, but here I am. Let me be the first to say, it’s never too late to drop everything and chase your calling. Looking back to my first year it seems like time flew by, even though it didn’t seem so in the moment. Even though my way wasn’t the conventional college experience, I have had the chance to learn, travel and grow so much that I would not change this opportunity for anything.

SO it’s my senior year and I spent the winter break taking advantage of the vacation by doing absolutely nothing productive but focusing on rest and regrouping for this final stretch. After my graduation in May it’s going to be time to face new challenges and finally test the real architecture world.

One of my new goals for this semester is to become a LEED Green Associate. As I learn more and more about becoming accredited I plan to break down my study plans in case any other future architects are interested or need the help.

Studying for LEED GA


I have many dreams for this year and I want to work hard for every single one of them. I can’t wait for what is in store and I am anxious but ready for every bit of it.


Final Presentation: Concept Design

I’ve spoken before about my current semester struggles. As a quick recap, I am currently working on my senior project:  A mixed use development of a 130,000 (ish) SF site located in South Bend, Indiana. We are expected to have … Continue reading