Music, eBooks, Podcasts, or Silence?

Some people are comfortable listening to music while they work, do homework or study. I have never been that person. I can’t even listen to classical music while my brain is trying to get into gear.

Sometime during my college life, I discovered the use of white noise combined with noise cancelling headphones for blocking out all distractions. I have to admit it is mind numbing in some way to be listening to thunderstorms for hours on end while you try to work, but it was the only way I could ever write a paper that I was actually proud of. After some hours with my headphones on, it was always sweet relief to take them off and enjoy the sound of silence.

In studio, while I glued models together, sketched, or drafted, I found that I could listen to eBooks and the time would pass more enjoyably.  I’m guessing it’s because my brain doesn’t need to be engaged as much to do things with my hands, or maybe it’s the artsy side of my brain taking over (feel free to correct my poor knowledge of neuroscience). Anyway, my preference has always been the Harry Potter books (I’ve seriously lost count of the times I’ve read/listened to them). I created a playlist that runs the whole series of 7 books back to back continually, and I love it.

However, it has got to the point where I pretty much know it word for word and I find myself wanting a change. For a time I have been considering Podcasts but I haven’t really gotten down to actually downloading any. I read an Architectural Digest that suggested their take on “Best Architecture and Design Podcasts”. After browsing around I downloaded two:

Browsing around the Apple Store I found two more that seem interesting:

I just downloaded them so at this point I have no feedback to share, but I’m hoping that I will learn a lot from them and educate myself as I am doing other tasks!

If you’re reading this, let me know if you have any podcast suggestions, or if you have listened to any of the ones I have listed, I would love to know your thoughts about them!