Rewind: Year 2 – Intro to Design

Second year of architecture school had me feeling like the real deal. We were introduced to site analysis, construction types, and we were finally putting our designs out there. I’ve said before that looking back at my old projects, all I see are the things I did wrong and could do better if I had to do them again. Even so, I am still proud of how much I have grown throughout my education.

Quick recap of the projects I worked on:

Construction class meant learning about materials and methods of construction. We replicated a light wood frame model of a small house:


Meanwhile, I was dipping my toes into the world of watercolor. I wanted to learn to  create realistic art through this media. (It’s harder than I thought).  I have a hard time finishing the paintings. Maybe I’ll post more about my struggles with watercolor later on. I still want to keep at it and maybe even get ‘good’ at it eventually.


Finally, the biggest part of my year was taken over by my studio projects. First semester the project was an environmental center with a garden and caretaker house component. and the project for my second semester was a proposal of a barn for Morton Hill House in Benton Harbor, MI, that would function as exhibit and event space, with a curating and storage area. Even though there are so many things I would change, I am still really proud of the work that I did (for a second year student) so here it is:

First Semester: Intro to Design Studio
*The second sheet is missing the topographical model that was affixed in place at the top
Second Semester: Architecture as Craft

and the Corner Eave model:


Looking back, I’m so proud of this! All the crazy late nights and the struggle were so worth it. I’m excited for what the future brings and I look behind and glow because I did this ❤



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